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German Genealogy

The Bedenbaugh-Betenbaugh family : descendants of Johann Michael Bidenbach : from Germany to South Carolina, 1752 
Brent Holcomb / Hardcover

From Knights to Pioneers : One German Family in Westphalia and Missouri 
Anita M. Mallinckrodt / Hardcover / Published 1994 

In Search of Your German Roots : A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in the Germanic Areas of Europe  
Angus Baxter / Paperback / Published 1994 

The Invisible Wall : The Mystery of the Germans and the Jews 
W. Michael Blumenthal / Hardcover / Published 1998 

Supplement to 1985 Edition of: Schalliol is our Family Name (1323-1991) 
Willis Schalliol / Unknown Binding

Amish Mennonites in Germany : Their Congregations, the Estates Where They Lived, Their Families 
Hermann Guth / Hardcover / Published 1995 
(Special Order)

Ancestral Lines; 206 Families in England, Wales, the Netherlands, Germany, New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pen 
Hardcover / Published 1998 
(Special Order)

Atlantic Bridge to Germany Vol 3 
Charles M. Hall / Paperback / Published 1978 
(Special Order)

Atlantic Bridge to Germany Vol 4 
Charles M. Hall / Paperback / Published 1986 
(Special Order)

Atlantic Bridge to Germany Vol 2 
Charles M. Hall / Paperback / Published 1976 
(Special Order)

Atlantic Bridge to Germany Vol 1 
Charles M. Hall / Paperback / Published 1986 
(Special Order)

Eighteenth Century Register of Emigrants from Southwest Germany to America and Other Countries 
Werner Hacker / Hardcover / Published 1994 
(Special Order)

Emigrants from Fellbach, 1735-1930 (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany) Clifford N. Smith / Paperback / Published 1984 
(Special Order)

Family History Research in the German Democratic Republic Maralyn A. Wellauer / Paperback / Published 1987 
(Special Order)

German Church Books : Beyond the Basics 
Kenneth L. Smith / Hardcover / Published 1989 
(Special Order)

German Genealogical Research 
Paperback / Published 1992 
(Special Order)

German Revolutionists of 1848 : Among Whom Many Immigrants to America (German-American Genealogical Research Monograph Number 21, Part 1) 
Paperback / Published 1984 
(Special Order)

The Guggenheim/Wormser Family : A Genealogical 300-Year Memoir 
Elizabeth S. Plaut / Hardcover / Published 1997 
(Special Order)

Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy (Avotaynu Monograph Series) 
Angelika G. Ellmann-Kruger, Edward David Luft / Paperback / Published 1998 
(Special Order)

Researching and Finding Your German Heritage 
Marilyn Lind / Paperback / Published 1990 
(Special Order)

The wedge : Beisel/Beissel international genealogy 
James D. Beissel / Hardcover / Published 1991 
(Special Order)

Your German Ancestry : A Genealogist's and Historian's Guide to Research in Germany 
Kevan M. Hansen, Keven M. Hansen / Paperback / Published 1999  

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